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Founded by on-field experts, we provide full service of Digital Business Solution & Training by transforming idea conceptualization into realism of business growth and scalability.

No matter the size of your business from Solopreneurs to Fortune 500s, our expertise in Strategic Business Management, Sales & Marketing to Web Technology Development shall pave a breezy digitalization journey for you with well worth solution and best implementation for your good reputations, brands, products and services.

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Digital Web Development & Consultancy

Ascentso Digital team is led by Bryan, whom has over 20 years of experience and created over 300’s of corporate websites for his clients.

His experience is shown in his extensive professionalism in web systems creation, design and development. To deliver satisfactory websites and digital projects, he is attentive in providing digital consultancy to meet our clients’ needs and provides critical solutions to showcase and grow their businesses. 

He has successfully delivered business websites in the industries of manufacturing, precision, architecture, leisure, professional services, real estate, software, sport, transport, hospitality such as hotels and hotel supplies, restaurants, retailers, and service industry such as advertising, floral, education, co-working space, hair salons and others. Not limiting in developing new websites, Bryan often provides consultancy and health-checks on clients’ existing websites to improve quality and performance. Websites revamping, adding new features and contents are some of his way to ensure clients continuous business growth through the world wide web.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Trainer
Web Technology, Digital & Creative Media Development

Sales & Marketing Lead &
Talent Trainer

Kristin is leading the sales & marketing team in providing both online and offline strategies and solutions to enhance brands’ presence and publicity for our clients’ businesses. With her training and experience rooted in marketing and digital business, she thrives in providing marketing solutions by deep dive analyses, devising strategies and implementing on- and offline transformations to gain new lead growth and drive customer engagement for our clients. She has served and gained experience from sales and marketing for over 20 years from the medical, insurance, IT networking and retail industries in both local and multinational corporations.


CIM (UK), PGDip in Digital Business (US), MBA in Marketing (UK), Certified Trainer (TTT) of Malaysia’s NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) & HRD Corp (Ministry of Human Resources)

Strategic Management Lead, Academic Lecturer & Trainer

As the Senior Business Consultant of Ascentso, Dr Raj oversees the core business consultancy by providing expert advice and executing strategies for our clients in meeting the challenges of the dynamic global environment. He has served globally as a General Manager, Departmental Head, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in the industries of Retail, Palm Oil, Education and others.

An active lecturer since year 1993, Dr Raj has lectures and guided thousands of students in the accreditation of diplomas, bachelors’ degrees and masters’ degrees, in both academic and executive education programs. His versatile approach in solving complex business challenges can be observed from his expert consultancy from business planning, strategic management, marketing management, operation management to economics and engineering. His highly sought-after advice is valued by many industrial executives and professionals.


Dr Raja Mohan M.

Chief Business Consultant (CBC) & Chief Trainer
BSc (India), MBA (HK), PhD (Hons) (Ireland), HFIGPM, AMBSCH, Certified Trainer (TTT) of Malaysia’s HRD Corp (Ministry of Human Resources)

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Our goal is to create extremely user-friendly websites and make digitalization a breeze inspired by our creative vision of art and experience in design and marketing.